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Licensed Private Investigator

Licensed Private Investigator

People can use properly licensed and accordingly recognized private investigators for a variety of reasons during civil legal proceedings. A private investigator might be used, for instance, during an insurance proceeding to investigate claims considered suspicious by the plan provider. Alternately, private investigators can also be used for marriage-related matters.
To this end, the historic place for private investigator functions in the U.S. have been partly cancelled out by the passage of no-fault divorce laws throughout the U.S., which eliminated the utility of directly employing a private investigator to allow for a divorce to proceed based on evidence gathered on the other spouse’s behavior. That being said, private investigators can still carry out inquiries for such purposes as establishing child custody rights, fixing alimony payment rates, or establishing the settlement of marital property. A private investigator may accordingly be called upon to testify in court, and as such should be licensed.