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A Full List of Different Legal Jobs

A Full List of Different Legal Jobs

What are Legal Jobs?
Legal Jobs are positions that are undertaken by individuals within the legal profession; Legal Jobs vary in their respective educational requirements, certification, and training mandatory to obtain them. In certain cases, an individual may obtain an entry-level legal job that requires a minimal amount of secondary education and training – yet, in other cases, Legal Jobs exist in which a vast amount of training is required. Legal Jobs are offered in a multitude of professional settings, which include law firms – consisting of private, partnership, and corporate, legal departments, and court rooms; furthermore, the field specialties inherent in Legal Jobs are vast – the vast array of legislation typically correlates with every aspect of both social and economic spectrums.

Types of Legal Jobs
The following are some examples of the most common Legal Jobs available in the field of law:
Lawyers and Attorneys: Lawyers and Attorneys are individuals who have received accredited law degrees, allowing them to legally and ethically practice law in a variety of settings. Lawyers and Attorneys are Legal Jobs that require the satisfaction of applicable course requirements expressed in accredited law school curriculum; however, in order to practice law, an attorney must attain certification from the American Bar Association – this certification authorizes them to perform the following tasks:
Provision of legal counsel
Provision of legal advice
Ability to represent a client in a court of law
Legal practice in any or all approved jurisdictions as per BAR certification
Regulate, authorize, and oversee any or all expressed legality within the actions and events with regard to their clientele
Paralegals and Legal Assistants: A paralegal is defined as one of the many Legal Jobs that allow individual to participate in certain legal matters in lieu of acting in court hearings, providing legal advice, establishing fee and payment rates, and authorizing legal documentation. Paralegals – or legal assistants – are an example of Legal Jobs that may or may not require certification depending on the position and employment requirement(s); Paralegals are permitted to engage in the following legal tasks:
Conducting legal research
Compilation of legal documents or forms
Preparation of legal forms and paperwork
Utilize law and legal libraries
Legal Secretary: A legal secretary is an example of one of the many administrative Legal Jobs that varies in educational and training requirements; in certain cases, legal secretaries will be required to attain a Bachelor’s Degree – or comparable certification. In other cases, a legal secretary may be hired as a result of respective administrative skills possessed; legal secretaries may be given the opportunity to advance to other Legal Jobs upon the receipt of tenure or supplementary certification.

Court Reporter: 

A Court Reporter is a licensed and certified professional responsible for the transcription of speech into text taking place within a court hearing or trial. Court reporting positions are classified as Legal Jobs that require the expressed certification from an accredited institution; in this case, the title of Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) must be granted by an educational institution accredited by the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) – Court reporting requires the accurate and expedited transcription of speech through the mastery of shorthand, stenography, and typing skills.