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Function of a Paralegal

Function of a ParalegalParalegals function to assist lawyers in all aspects of legal proceedings. In order to become a paralegal, an individual must obtain the appropriate education. There are a variety of paralegal programs that an individual may choose to enroll in. For example, an individual can enroll in a certificate program after he/she graduates from high school. If he/she wants to obtain an Associate’s Degree or a Bachelor’s Degree, there are two year paralegal programs and four-year programs offered by colleges and universities.

During an individual’s education, he/she may be required to or may wish to focus on a specific legal specialty. For instance, he/she may wish to specialize in family law or business law. Following the completion of a paralegal program, an individual may wish to become a certified paralegal through the U.S. Association of Legal Assistants. An individual should become comfortable conducting internet research and using legal software.